Godzilla with Godzilla

Losing Godzilla.

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So this week I’m on vacation. I don’t really ever take vacations. I can safely say that this is the worst vacation of all time ever however, because we had to put our dog down on Sunday and that was absolute garbage. So maybe I’ll write a bit about grief. Losing Godzilla was sudden and […]


Music Lessons

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Everyone should take music lessons all the time. At least once a week anyway. I remember being a kid and looking forward to my singing lessons, my music classes in school, finding any excuse to play music and make it up. My mom would probably counter this by reminding me how much I hated my […]

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Starting a podcast

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Do you listen to podcasts? Yes? Great. Good. I won’t explain them then. Oh seriously, someone is on the internet and doesn’t know what a podcast is yet? AGH. Podcasts are essentially on-demand radio programs that are primarily crowdfunded by nature and are offered for free to listeners. Generally if they’re not free, most people […]

A fake BBC website I created to learn CSS principles.

Hello World!

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No, this isn’t a test post. It’s a real one. About real stuff. Life changing stuff. Ok, it’s really about my foray into the world of code – something I’ve never really done a deep dive on before. I started taking an online course on coding just over two weeks ago. So far I’ve learned […]

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Impossible Horror

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I’ve spent nearly 20 straight days shooting a film in the middle of the night. Why? Yes. Why. So indie filmmaking is not something I can really describe. On the one hand, I’m razor focused on getting shit done. On the other hand, it feels totally endless. But I know it ends eventually – I […]